January Development Update

What we are working on this January and what to expect going into the future.

January Development Update

We have been primarily focused on restructuring $VB, which includes modifying the total supply, ownership, and laying the foundation for a stable ecosystem in the future. A well-designed token economy is crucial for a project's long-term success and should never be overlooked. In light of the recent market decline, many projects are failing. These projects often continue to invest into initiatives that will ultimately lead to failure as they originally created everything with no real thesis. During bull markets, this is a common occurrence as there is little time for proper research, development, or testing to ensure a product's market fit. Very Banking will not make mistakes which others have done.

Priorities moving forward:

  • Finalize a structure that supports our development and community
  • Reduce the supply/valuation to a point where its a no-brainer
  • Put this structure into place and execute

Development focus has been on:

  • Figma designs (Both Desktop & Responsive)
  • Design implementation into Storybook
  • Prototyping revenue generation for banking protocol owners
  • Creating the initial banking gateway

Marketing focus has been on:

  • Building relationships with notable names
  • Promoting the protocol ownership

To prioritize marketing and awareness efforts, we must finalize the token economics and implement the necessary changes. This will provide us with a solid budget for negotiations.

We have many exciting things to look forward to this quarter, and we are grateful to have everyone on board as we strive to revolutionize the DeFi and meme culture spaces. Our team is confident in our unique approach and truly believes we will have the opportunity to stand out and succeed during this market.

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