Welcome to Very Banking

Introduction to the Very Banking multi-chain DeFi ecosystem owned and driven by the community.

Welcome to Very Banking

This is Very Banking - A multi-chain DeFi 3.0 ecosystem designed to delete the common bank and get us out of the bear market caused by SBF, Su Zhu and many other bad actors.

Our Goals:

  • Make crypto great again!
  • Reward early $VB holders
  • Get us all out of this bear market
  • Assemble a legendary and committed community
  • Make a $50 bag worth $500,000 in the next run
  • Rebuild trust in the ecosystem through decentralization
  • Combine real token utility and purpose with uncensored meme culture

How Will We Achieve Such Lofty Goals?

It will be done through several different unique initiatives - from setting up a community driven architecture all the way to mass protocol ownership and gradual decentralization.


Building real utility and a deflationary model into the $VB ecosystem is crucial to mass adoption and token appreciation.


Giving the community ownership will allow everyone to be part of the protocol risk free. This will also be used as a catalyst to promote mass adoption. We are looking at on-boarding the next million crypto users by providing them with a form of ownership. Our belief is that 'owners' of the Very Banking protocol will spread awareness and education on our unique valuation proposition and long term use strategy.


The Very Banking narrative is simple and transparent. We have made it clear what our initiatives are and how our community of 'owners' can benefit long term. Our concept of "less is more" and our passion for risk management education will continue to drive our community involvement.


Everything is on-chain with Very Banking. Nothing can be hidden from the public and we have no intention to cooperate with any centralized exchanges to list the $VB token. Although this may change in the future, we will allow our community to help decide the best path forward.

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