Common Questions About Very Banking Ownership

FAQ and common questions on becoming an owner of Very Banking.

Common Questions About Very Banking Ownership

Have you ever owned a stock that pays dividends? Owning a piece of Very Banking will deliver similar steady long term income with the caveat that it is completely risk free. All you need is a wallet and a bit of ETH for gas!

Where do I claim ownership?

You may claim Very Banking ownership using a referral link from your friend or by visiting the Very Banking Claim Ownership page. You can also see how many owners there are on the Very Banking Leaderboard.

What do you get with VB ownership?

Protocol owners can claim protocol revenue by sacrificing $VB tokens. When Very Banking makes money through transactions fees and other DeFi areas, the owners are entitled to a small piece of this revenue very similar to a stock/dividend model. These fees are shared among both owners and protocol users.

Do I need $VB tokens?

You don't need $VB tokens to become an owner of Very Banking. The only time you'll need $VB is when you want to withdraw your accumulated revenue from the protocol. Becoming an owner is completely free, so there's no barrier to entry and no risk. Once you've accumulated some revenue, you can withdraw it by sacrificing a small amount of $VB tokens. Currently, the proposed parameter is 3%, so if you have a $100 claim, you'll need to burn $3 worth of $VB tokens to withdraw the accumulated fees. But remember, you don't need $VB tokens to become an owner in the first place. Claim your ownership today and start earning income from the protocol's revenue.

How can I increase my ownership?

Ownership cannot be paid for and is delegated through a dynamic points system. If you refer a friend to become an owner, you gain 2x more points. By adding new owners to the protocol we are effectively bringing more awareness to Very Banking resulting in more future fee generation.

You can calculate your ownership based on how many points is in your wallet divided by the total points given out entirely or simply check by connecting your wallet to the Very Banking ownership portal.

Do I need to provide personal information to become a VB owner?

No. Everything is done through the blockchain and your wallet. If you lose access to your wallet, you will forfeit your fees to that address indefinitely or until you are able to recover the wallet and regain access.

What is required to claim ownership?

To claim Very Banking ownership you will need the MetaMask browser extension and some ETH (0.005 should be plenty) for the gas fees to interact with the ownership smart contract. Once you have these two you're good to make a claim.

Why claim ownership?

Ownership will translate to free money in the future. We anticipate the growth of Very Banking to be large, as our community and owners are the ones who will benefit the most from the growth. Introducing a low barrier to ownership, we look forward to bringing on the next million crypto users at no risk.

Why are you offering free Very Banking ownership?

The Very Banking protocol is inspired by community growth and input. By creating a referral incentive we have the opportunity to continually captivate a new audience even outside crypto. With having a low barrier of entry it makes it easier to share details of Very Banking to the layman while continuing to onboard a userbase that will stay active and continue to spread awareness and excitement.

Why should I become an owner of Very Banking?

Why not become an owner of Very Banking? We've designed our ideology to appeal to a wide audience of crypto enthusiasts and the average person alike. It's easy to claim your ownership, there's nothing to lose, and everything to gain. By becoming an owner, you'll be taking power back from the big banks and helping to redistribute wealth to those who deserve it. So why not claim your ownership today and start benefiting from the growth of Very Banking? It's easy, there's no risk, and you could earn steady, long-term income.

How much can I make?

As an owner of Very Banking, there's no limit to how much you can earn. As the protocol evolves into a fully-fledged DeFi ecosystem and offers more DeFi services to its users, all owners will be entitled to a sustainable share of the profits. So why not claim your ownership today and start earning income from the growth of Very Banking? With no upside cap, the potential for earning is limitless. Claim your ownership and start benefiting from the growth of Very Banking today.

Is there any advantage to owning $VB now?

If you want to have a say in contributing to the enhancement proposals for Very Banking, it's a good idea to acquire $VB tokens. These tokens are required for governance through voting power and claiming fees generated by Very Banking financial products. By acquiring these voting rights now, you'll be able to contribute to the enhancement proposals and have your say in the future of Very Banking. Plus, you'll be able to do so at the cheapest possible price. So why not claim your ownership of Very Banking today and start acquiring $VB tokens? It's a great way to support the growth of the protocol and have a say in its future.

How long will ownership claim be available?

The smart contract has a pause and unpause function which will be called when we've come to a consensus to close the ownership portal. As of right now we are looking to expand ownership as it will help build our audience and awareness for the protocol.

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