About Very Banking

The Very Banking protocol will allow users across multiple L1s to effortlessly lend, borrow, stake, invest and earn interest using their digital assets.  All owners of the protocol will be entitled to claim a small portion of fees from all transactions across Very Banking products. Depositors providing liquidity to the protocol earn yield, while borrowers are able to borrow by over collateralizing their positions.

Permissionless multi-chain lending and borrowing market

• Supply assets to borrow and withdraw liquidity from a community shared liquidity market

• Borrow assets from a liquidity market using another asset as collateral

Multi-chain capital efficient liquid staking

• Enables the utilization of locked capital to secure networks and earn further rewards

• Obtain additional utility on yield-generating asset by utilizing it within Decentralized Finance

Multi-chain investment ecosystem

• Stake and invest assets with community members to earn yield from various investment models

• Earn ownership revenue through a lucrative referral incentive system others and continuous protocol adoption